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Energy Procurement

For a stable electricity system in the 50Hertz control area, we ensure the balance between electricity consumption and electricity generation at any given time. The control energy needed to do this is - like energy to recover electric system losses - procured through transparent tender procedures. We thereby facilitate fair and non-discriminatory competition.


The grid Control Cooperation (GCC)

Germany has four transmission system operators responsible for balancing electricity feeding and take-off in their respective service territories. The past had seen situations where a power surplus in one of the service territories and a power deficit in another were regulated independently of each other. Since 01 May 2010, the four transmission system operators have joined forces and cooperate on a system control platform called Grid Control Cooperation (GCC). Balancing operations in the respective service territories are now jointly controlled based on a big-picture view, which saves control power and makes electricity supply in Germany even more secure.

Control energy

Unforeseen variations must be set off with control energy within short response times, failing which the stability of frequency would not be ensured. Control energy is mostly procured from power plants that keep spare reserve capacity precisely for this purpose. A distinction is made between primary control power, secondary control power and minutes reserve.

Fifteen-minute control area balance
Minute reserve used
Secondary control power used

Energy for system losses

50Hertz procures the energy making up for electric system losses through tender procedures to guarantee a market-oriented, transparent and non-discriminatory approach. For all information relevant for tendering, please go to


Single model for compensation energy pricing (reBAP)

The Grid Control Cooperation (GCC) was expanded to include all four German transmission system operators (TSOs) in May 2010. A single price for compensation energy common to all control areas (reBAP) and previously applicable in three German control areas is now used in all control areas in Germany. more


 EEG balancing group

Whether intraday procurement, scheduling of EEG reserve, or differences between the EEG feed-in forecast and measures taken for compensation in the EEG balancing group: All information about the EEG balancing group can be found here


EEG reserve:
Energy procurement

For all information relevant for tender procedures, please go directly to our energy procurement platform under: https://www.50hertz.com/