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Any transmission of electricity via electric systems will be accompanied by inevitable losses of energy in the form of heat loss due to current in overhead conductors, transformers and other system elements, or as discharge or corona loss.

In an electric energy supply system, these electric system losses can be calculated: System losses are determined at 50Hertz Transmission GmbH with the help of a computational module run on the central mainframe control computer based on online meter counts of the electricity system. An analysis of feed-ins to the system and take-offs from the system in a given period of time is used as the basis for this calculation.

Invitations to tender

50Hertz procures the energy making up for electric system losses through tender procedures to guarantee a market-oriented, transparent and non-discriminatory approach.

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Legal background

The German Energy Industry Act (sections 11 et seq.) and the Ordinance on Access to the Electricity System (StromNZV, section 10) oblige energy system operators to procure the energy needed to make up for electric system losses on the basis of a market-oriented, transparent and non-discriminatory procedure, and to record it in a specific balancing group.

Furthermore, system operators have to comply with section 17 subsection 1 item 3, section 7 StromNZV and section 10 of the Ordinance on Use-of-System Charges (StromNEV) and publish information about the average losses at each system & transformation level as well as about average procurement expenditure. This disclosure requirement is met by 50Hertz on this website.