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Grid reinforcement of 380-kV high-voltage transmission line Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf


The energy transition and the switch to more renewable energy lead to new challenges for the electrical grid. The electricity produced in the north and east of Germany has to be transported to the consumption centres farther south. In order to do this, the capacity of the high-voltage transmission grid has to be increased. As a result of the construction of a new, more powerful 380-kV overhead line between Röhrsdorf in Saxony and Weida and Remptendorf in Thuringia, the transfer capacity in the south of the 50Hertz control area should increase and the security of supply to companies and households should be ensured in these regions.

The existing 100 km-long 380-kV overhead line is currently operated at 2500 ampere per electrical circuit and should be upgraded to a current-carrying capacity of 3600 ampere in the future. This increases the transfer capacity by about 40 per cent. After the new line has been put into operation, the existing 380-kV line will be disassembled. In addition to the construction of the new line, the substations in Röhrsdorf, Weida and Remptendorf have to be prepared for the new overhead line.

The project was legally approved in the Federal Requirement Plan Act and designated as project no. 14. The authority that is competent for its approval is the Federal Network Agency located in Bonn.


The current 380-kV overhead line between the substations of Röhrsdorf and Remptendorf The current 380-kV overhead line between the substations of Röhrsdorf and Remptendorf


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