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Status of grid reinforcement of 380-kV high-voltage transmission line Röhrsdorf – Weida – Remptendorf

Need and legal background

The grid reinforcement project for the 380-kV high-voltage transmission line Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf is listed in the Federal Requirement Plan Act as project no. 14. As a project that spans several federated states, the responsibility for the approval procedure lies with the Federal Network Agency in Bonn.
The project was first confirmed as a necessary measure as project P39 in the 2012 grid development plan for electricity (GDP) of the Federal Network Agency. The Federal Requirement Plan Act, which was decided in July 2013 and updated in December 2015, is based on the GDP for target year 2022.

As such, the necessity of the project for energy supply and the urgent need to guarantee secure and reliable grid operations has been laid down by law.


The current 380-kV overhead line between the substations of Röhrsdorf and Remptendorf The current 380-kV overhead line between the substations of Röhrsdorf and Remptendorf

Line route

The existing 380-kV overhead line covers a distance of some 100 km. It starts at the Röhrsdorf substation near Chemnitz and continues over the Weida substation in the Greiz district until it reaches the Remptendorf substation in the Saale-Orla district. Currently, the line also crosses the districts of Zwickau, Altenburger Land and the city of Gera. The present route runs from east to south-west in a relatively straight line.

The areas near the overhead line are partially built-up. In rare occasions, the line spans both housing and commercial developments as well as allotment gardens. The latter mainly concerns the section between Röhrsdorf and Weida. Apart from this, the environment of the overhead line is mainly agricultural and characterised by small, isolated patches of forest. On longer sections, multiple 110-kV overhead lines run in parallel to or in the immediate vicinity of the overhead line. These lines are owned by different regional system operators as well as DB Energie GmbH.

The planned objective of the project is to have the new line follow the existing route wherever this is permitted legally, technically and environmentally. Deviations from the current route can occur, for instance to increase the distance to populated areas or to reduce the existing impact on the environment.

Authorisation procedure

The project is divided into two sections to be approved:

Section 1: Substation Röhrsdorf - substation Weida
Section 2: Substation Weida - substation Remptendorf

The Federal Network Agency is the approving authority.

According to the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG), 50Hertz is currently preparing the federal sectoral planning. To this end, an application as per §6 of the NABEG is being prepared. The environmental and technical surveys that this requires are being carried out.

As soon as the results are available, 50Hertz wants to invite citizens to an early public participation round. Insofar as they relate to the planning, the conclusions will be incorporated in the application. As a next step, the Federal Network Agency will organise a public project conference.

The objective of the federal sectoral planning is to determine an appropriate route corridor between the start and end point, having a width of 500 to 1,000 metres, prior to the subsequent planning approval proceedings.

More information on the procedure can be found here.


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