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Results of the information meetings in Weimar and Halle

50Hertz informed the public in Weimar (Thuringia) on 26 November 2013 and in Landsberg / Peißen (Halle, Saxony-Anhalt) on 28 November 2014 on the planned South-East DC Passage. The meetings are the starting shot for a process of dialogue that should accompany the planning and development of the South-East DC Passage. The public showed great interest in the meeting: over 120 representatives from civil society, politics, economy and administration attended both meetings. 50Hertz now makes the documentation available for download to anyone interested.

Information meeting in Weimar: focus on bundling options and technical design

At the plenary meeting and during the three workshops in Weimar, attention focussed on the course of the corridor and the bundling principle.
When searching for an appropriate route corridor, the possible bundling with other linear infrastructure (e.g. overhead lines, motorways, railways) is an important criterion of selection. The discussions showed that many participants were concerned about the level of tolerance and potential "overbundling".
The system security of direct current connections was also a point of interest for many of those present. They enquired about such things as pilot projects and details on the system stability of HVDC links. The documentation gathers the information supplied by 50Hertz and the themes discussed. It also provides an outlook on how 50Hertz wants to keep the debate going.

Key subjects of information meeting in Halle: conservation of cultivated landscape and public participation

In Halle, public participation and the protection of the cultivated landscape in Saxony-Anhalt were themes that received much attention. The workshops discussed in great detail how the public could be involved in a meaningful manner and how public bodies can be adequately informed during the procedure. Another theme was the candidacy of the Saale valley as UNESCO world heritage and the effects the construction of the South-East DC Passage will have on this application. A summary of these and other themes is given in the documentation.

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