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Nature conservation and climate protection

We deeply care about environmental and climate protection. We are dedicated to achieving harmony between grid expansion and the environment. We acknowledge that it is our responsibility to protect the environment, prevent pollution, preserve diversity and curb energy consumption and emissions in the performance of our transmission activities.

Climate targets

By 2020, 30% of Germany's power will have to be generated from renewable energy sources. In order to obtain this goal and to be able to transport this carbon-free power, the existing electricity transmission grids have to be expanded with society's approval. As a leading transmission system operator, 50Hertz is committed to the total integration of renewables. That is why we have joined organisations throughout Europa to further the expansion of transmission grids to bring about the full and complete integration of renewable energy.Furthermore, 50Hertz has made it its aim to consistently reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced during grid operation, maintenance or repairs. That is why we support eco-friendly technology and continue to adapt to new developments.

We are dedicated to achieving harmony between grid expansion and the environment. We are dedicated to achieving harmony between grid expansion and the environment.

Vegetation and wildlife

50Hertz works in close cooperation with environmental authorities and forestry departments throughout Germany to plan line corridors with minimum impact on the landscape and maximum distance from closely populated areas. Wherever possible, lines are bundled with existing overhead lines and other infrastructures. It is in this manner that we seek to avoid unnecessary and negative influences the natural landscape.

For this reason, 50Hertz closely cooperates with local environmental associations to complete and publish the „Ecological Management of Overhead Lines" study (German) with the support of the European Union. The concept joins aspects aiming to

  • avoid any impact on nature,
  • minimise impact on the environment and
  • apply the principles of eco-friendliness in the scope of forest aisle creation and maintenance.

It also contains proposals for ecological management of overhead lines that are

  • adapted to the local site conditions
  • and take into consideration the ecological and social objectives, functions and interests.


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