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Our business ethics

Human rights and anti-discrimination

50Hertz does business based on the guidelines of the UN Global Compact. By applying these principles in the fields of human rights, terms of employment, the environment and the fight against corruption, we show our responsibility - not only along the value chain of our operational business¬, but also with regard to our service providers: among the aspects we pay attention to are, for instance, the methods used to manufacture our office furniture and work clothing. We strongly speak out against any discriminating acts in all professional situations.

As a European corporate group, we are open-minded towards transnational and cross-cultural learning processes.

As a company, 50Hertz has the social responsibility to help people with and without disabilities to obtain their first job on an equal basis.

In the scope of our company philosphy, we want to realise the objectives of the UN Disability Rights Convention. In our agreement to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (inclusion agreement), we have therefore established specific measures.

Responsible political communication

We aim to be a reliable and trustworthy contact for the political world in energy policy matters. 50Hertz pursues a responsible information policy towards all parties. We first formulate our political positions in coordination with other partners, such as German and European environmental associations.

We publish our political position papers on our website.


To ensure that the market functions well, fair and efficient competition is a must. Antitrust regulations are important tools to achieve this objective. 50Hertz respects and adheres to these and other competition rules. We also pursue a zero tolerance policy with regard to bribery and other forms of corruption. To this end, we set up an anonymous reporting system in the form of an independent ombudsman. Both internal and external co-workers can report suspicious events and ask for advice in unclear situations.

Public disclosure and transparency

In addition to the disclosure requirements, 50Hertz also makes additional information publicly available.

Renewable Energy App

Renewable Energy App

Since 2012, we also offer a free app, providing access to a great deal of information and data on the renewable energy act.
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Load flow data of our control area

Load flow data of our control area

We publish the load flow data of our control area.
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In addition to our annual report, we publish a yearbook with data from the 50Hertz grid area.

The energy transition has broadened our circle of stakeholders. Public interest in our infrastructure planning has increased significantly. We would like to involve society in the energy transition and enter into active dialogue with our partners and various interest groups. An important element of our project communication consists of information meetings and discussions at the municipal level. It is at this level that 50Hertz seeks to exchange thoughts and ideas with local action groups to explain certain facts and defuse possible conflicts in the early stages of project planning. 50Hertz also adheres to this public information policy in its relation with the media. We invite reporters to background discussions and briefings during which we provide them with information on our activities and answer questions about the operation and expansion of the transmission grid. Furthermore, 50Hertz decided of its own volition to financially compensate affected municipalities.

Safe working conditions

We give highest priority to safety in all working circumstances. Our accident figures are among the lowest in the entire energy industry. Our employees regularly attend training seminars and are aware of the importance of safe working conditions. Our occupational safety management system and our protective equipment have been certified.

Aside from industrial safety, 50Hertz also attaches great value to health protection. 50Hertz employees can attend regular courses and activities covering a wide variety of health improvement themes. Sporting activities such as badminton, bowling or football are provided to stimulate exercise outside the workplace.

Like all modern companies, 50Hertz supports the compatibility of professional and family life. We see to it that parenthood is not a career obstacle for any of our employees.


Kerstin Maria Rippel

Head of Communications and Public Affairs

Kerstin Maria Rippel
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