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Education on energy & the environment

50Hertz wants to make young people enthusiastic about science and technology.


We consider it essential to expedite the development of new solutions for climate-friendly, secure and economical energy supply. As Gold Partner of the German environmental GreenTec media awards, 50Hertz promotes the use of sustainable environmental technologies and supports the creating of a platform for the exchange of ideas. In 2012, we acted as head sponsor for the award ceremony in the Energy category for the first time, aiming to bring the theme of the energy transition to a larger audience.

Interactive show: "Turning around energy together"

"Turning around energy together" is the title of the interactive road show developed by 50Hertz in conjunction with the UfU Independent Institute for Environmental Issues and which began its tour of schools in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the spring of 2013. Pupils actively learn about the Energy Transition and what it entails. The initiative was publicly announced in December 2012 when the Northern Line was officially taken into operation by Chancellor Angela Merkel. In the years to come, the interactive exhibition will be expanded and visit schools in other Länder within our grid area.


In the scope of the line expansion, 50Hertz is also responsible for the compensation of its activities’ impact on nature and landscape, e.g. by creating or improving biotopes. Furthermore, we have already created many meadows and planted rows of fruit trees in collaboration with contract partners. Together with Mundraub, we develop education projects around and make tasty juice from the fruit of these meadows and rows.

German website of our project in cooperation with Mundraub


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