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Youth & Society

Rennsteig autumn race

Since 2011, 50Hertz supports the yearly Rennsteig autumn race in the Thuringian Forest. Over 400 runners arrive at the starting line to complete the 20.5 kilometre long stretch through the Thuringian Forest.

Young biathletes – SV Schorfheide Groß Schönebeck e. V.

This year marks the first time that 50Hertz has dedicated itself to help the young biathletes of the Schorfheide sports club in southern Uckermark (Brandenburg). 50Hertz supports the young "Biathinos" in learning mastery of this Nordic winter sport in the gently rolling hills of their region, to one day be at the very top of their discipline.

Young volleyball talent - VfB 91 Suhl e. V.

In Thuringia, 50Hertz supports the young talent of female volleyball club VfB 91 Suhl e. V.