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Terms for grid connection and grid access

The Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access, on the one hand, define the minimum technical requirements for connection to the 50Hertz transmission system and criteria for access to national interconnectors. They also set the criteria for access to the international interconnected grid for cross-border electricity trading, and for participating in system support services.

Electricity tariff

Electricity tariff

What do you think? How exactly is the electricity tariff calculated? Distribute the signs! Do you know how the household electricity tariff is calculated? Which share does the transmission system operator 50Hertz receive? Test your knowledge!


Congestion Management

The single European electricity market has grown closer in recent years: Since the end of the 1990s, electricity has increasingly been traded across borders. However, the transmission capacity at the cross-border hubs with European neighbours is limited due to the way the system has historically developed. In many places, the desired transmission capacity exceeds the actually available transmission capacity, causing bottlenecks. Congestion management seeks to prevent such bottlenecks, with auctions being one of the key instruments used in most European countries today: Cross-border transmission capacity is being auctioned, which requires that all companies start from the same baseline criteria and conditions.


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