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Border between 50Hertz and ČEPS/PSE

General Model for Calculating Entire Transmission Capacity and Margin of Safety

In accordance with article 5(2) of EC Regulation 1228/2003, transmission system operators (TSOs) are obliged to disclose their general calculation model. The calculation model described below was approved by the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) on 20 December 2006, and is valid until revoked.

Two workgroups of TSOs in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region are working on further development of the coordinated allocation of transmission capacities for the eight relevant TSOs (APG, ČEPS, ELES, E.ON Netz, MAVIR, PSE-O, SEPS, and 50Hertz). These workgroups are investigating whether a flow-based allocation method, which involves the allocation of physical transmission rights, is to be used. This method makes it possible to procure cross-border transmission rights within the CEE region. The energy sources and sinks need not be situated immediately next to each other.

Border between 50Hertz and Energinet.dk

50Hertz determines transmission capacity of KONTEK connection

The KONTEK connection is a high-voltage direct current transmission connection (HVDC connection) between the transmission grids of Energinet.dk (EnDK) and 50Hertz (50HzT).
Due to the technical circumstances (controllable active power transfer on the HVDC connection) no additional calculation of the available transport capacity is required for the KONTEK connection.
The transmission capacity of the KONTEK connection is 600 MW, both from north to south and from south to north.
The energy required to cover the grid losses on the KONTEK connection is provided in eastern Denmark, regardless of the direction of the load flow.

Together, EnDK and 50HzT regularly examine whether energy for grid losses can be provided by other means and whether this is worthwhile from a socio-economic perspective in view of sustainable market price changes. If this is the case, EnDK and 50HzT will make the appropriate adjustments after consultation with the Danish and German regulatory authorities and after timely prior notice.

As long as the grid losses on the KONTEK connection are compensated in eastern Denmark, 2.5% of the transmission capacity on the KONTEK connection is required in north-south direction to transfer the energy for the grid losses, i.e. this part of the transmission capacity cannot be made available on the energy trading market.

Under normal operating conditions, the transmission capacity made available to the market is therefore 585 MW in north-south direction and 600 MW in south-north direction.

Due to scheduled works or disturbances in the EnDK and/or 50HzT transmission grid, the available transport capacity in the relevant transmission grid may be restricted. As a result, it is possible that only part of the total transmission capacity of the KONTEK connection is made available on the market.

If the capacity constraints (1) occur in the same transmission direction in which the energy for grid losses is transferred over the KONTEK connection and (2) if the level of capacities that are not made available equals at least the amount of the needed capacity to cover the network losses, it can be assumed - if the KONTEK connection itself is fully operational - that there is sufficient transmission capacity to cover the grid losses. Therefore, in such cases, the capacity to be made available on the market for the KONTEK connection is determined assuming a transmission capacity for grid losses of zero.

Due to the steady expansion of generation from renewable sources (mainly wind energy), particularly in the northern part of the control area, situations may arise in which 50HzT cannot fully guarantee the feed-in of electricity from the KONTEK connection into the 50HzT transmission system (load flows in north-south direction) and its transport over the transmission grid. Depending on the grid situation and the expected load flows via the KONTEK connection, 50HzT may be forced to reduce the capacities made available to the market on the KONTEK connection by the amount required to ensure an (n-1)-safe operation of the transmission grid. 

Should any of the situations above occur, the market participants will be informed immediately and accordingly.
Scheme of the KONTEK connection Scheme of the KONTEK connection


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