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Plan approved 

On 27 March 2013, the Thuringian Administrative Office of Saxony-Anhalt granted its approval for the project plan. As a result, 50Hertz has now obtained the construction permit and will commence building operations shortly. In addition to the planning-related and technical stipulations, the plan approval also contains the compensation measures determined in the accompanying landscape conservation plan. For their implementation, the Administrative Office formulated several regulations. One of these established the obligation for 50Hertz to ensure archaeological monitoring and to have possible discoveries extensively documented by an archaeologist and professionally recovered. The key planning decision could be consulted for a duration of two weeks, between 22 April and 6 May 2013, in the city of Staßfurt and the municipality of Bördeland.

380 kV grid connection to the Förderstedt substation

Over the past few years, the feed-in of renewable energies has increased noticeably in the region of Magdeburg. In response, 50Hertz plans the construction of a 380 kV overhead line to the Förderstedt substation. The route is about 12 kilometres in length. The main objective of the line extension is to significantly increase the transmission capacity of the existing 220 kV overhead line by converting it to 380 kV. The new line will be equipped with four circuits.

Overhead line near Welsleben By choosing a triangular solution, the overhead line will run more to the south in the planned residential area near Welsleben.

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Commissioning of the Förderstedt substation
Commissioning of the Förderstedt substation