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Status of 380-kV overhead line Güstrow - Parchim Süd - Perleberg

Need and legal background

The urgent need for the project was determined both in the 2014 grid development plan (GDP) as confirmed by the Federal Network Agency and in the 2015 GDP. The project listed as P34 in the GDP was also included in the grid expansion measures approved by the Federal Network Agency. The new construction that will replace the Güstrow - Parchim Süd - Perleberg line is part of the overall project, which should serve to increase the transfer capacity from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Saxony-Anhalt. The overall project includes the upgrade of the current line between Güstrow and Wolmirstedt from 220 kV to 380 kV.

More information on the 380 kV overhead line Perleberg-Wolmirstedt

The reason for this grid reinforcement is the increasing production by the RES installations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg. This mainly concerns wind energy. The need for transmission to the consumption centres in the south of Germany increases accordingly. The line sections of 90 km in length between Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Perleberg in Brandenburg have been in use for over 65 years. The transfer capacity of this 220-kV line no longer suffices for the transmission of the growing volumes of electricity. That is why 50Hertz is planning to increase the transfer capacity of the existing line from 220 kV to 380 kV. 50Hertz first tested whether the existing line could be optimised or reinforced. For the existing line between Güstrow and Perleberg, this is not an option. That is why the line has to be completely reconstructed. 50Hertz nevertheless tries to use the open space for the old line wherever possible. This means that the more powerful line can run along the same corridor with few deviations from the current one. In the scope of the construction measures, the 220-kV line is first disassembled, after which a new 380-kV line is constructed, so that there will still be only a single line along the route. With regard to fragile natural environments, conservation and residential areas, 50Hertz is checking whether minor optimisations to the current route are possible in the scope of the planning approval proceedings.

The legal basis for the grid reinforcement is created by §43 of the Energy Act (EnWG). The planned line connects the substations in Güstrow and Parchim Süd in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Perleberg in Brandenburg. That is why 50Hertz will apply for a planning approval decision for three sections:  

Section 1: 380-kV line Güstrow - Parchim Süd (approx. 50 km)
More on the route and the approval procedure of the subsection

Section 2: 380-kV line Parchim Süd - Perleberg (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
More on the route and the approval procedure of the subsection

Section 3: 380-kV line Parchim Süd - Perleberg (Brandenburg) (approx. 18 km)
More on the route and the approval procedure of the subsection