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Section 3: 380-kV line Parchim Süd - Perleberg (Brandenburg)

State: Brandenburg
Length of the line section: about 18 km

Line route

The existing line crosses the towns of Karstädt and Berge. Just before Perleberg, the line crosses the B 189 federal highway.

Authorisation procedure

In Brandenburg, the planning approval proceedings are the responsibility of the State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials (LBGR) in Cottbus.

50Hertz is currently preparing the documents for the planning approval procedure. The scope of survey and the number of required documents was determined by the LBGR after the scoping meeting on 15 December 2015.

For the subsection in Brandenburg, the LBGR granted a regional planning exemption. In this case, the course of the new overhead line with its voltage of 380 kV also follows the existing 220 kV overhead line.

Ansprechpartner 380-kV-Freileitung Perleberg – Wolmirstedt

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