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Background information 380 kV Nordring Berlin

Need and legal background

The "380 kV Nordring Berlin" project is mentioned as a priority under item 11 of annexe to the Energy Line Extension Act (EnLAG), in which it is identified as the "380 kV line Neuenhagen-Wustermark-Hennigsdorf (380 kV Nordring Berlin)". The main objective of the line extension is to significantly increase the transmission capacity of the existing 220 kV overhead line between Neuenhagen, Wustermark and Hennigsdorf by converting it to 380 kV.

The 380 kV Nordring Berlin has to be considered in light of the offshore wind farm near Lubmin, the new onshore power plants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg, the expansion of the EEG installations as well as the construction of the 380 kV Uckermark line connecting the substations of Bertikow and Neuenhagen. These will increase the load of the 380 kV diagonal in Berlin to the highest tolerable level. The solution for this bottleneck is the expansion and modification of the grid structure in the Berlin region. As a result, the current 220 kV overhead network will be disconnected and modernised in different phases.

Current parallel 220 kV and 380 kV overhead lines near Summt. Current parallel 220 kV and 380 kV overhead lines near Summt.

Line route

The 380 kV Nordring Berlin connects Neuenhagen (district Märkisch-Oderland) at Berlin's eastern city limit to Wustermark (district Havelland) to the west of the capital. The line runs through the districts of Märkisch-Oderland, Barnim, Oberhavel and Havelland as well as Berlin's borough of Pankow.
For the line route, tests are being performed during the spatial planning procedure with small-scale variants to check whether an existing 220 kV overhead line corridor can be used. The 380 kv Nording Berlin will replace the existing 220 kV overhead line over a distance of approx. 80 kilometres. The extra high-voltage line with double circuit will connect the substations of Wustermark, Hennigsdorf and Neuenhagen. In addition, a four-kilometre connection with four circuits will be built for the Malchow substation.
In accordance with the principle of route bundling, the new 380 kV overhead line will follow the existing overhead lines wherever possible and run along the A10 federal motorway, also called the Berlin Ring. Preparations are currently under way to broaden the motorway to six lanes. Both projects, i.e. the 380 kV Nordring Berlin and the motorway construction work, are being coordinated by their respective developers.

The Joint Berlin-Brandenburg Planning Department focused especially on a few short sections in the area of Birkenwerder, Velten, Summt and Zeestow in its regional development assessment, which concludes the spatial planning procedure. These issues will be studied in the next planning approval procedure.

Areas of special conservation interest are the "Tegeler Fließtal" and the "Heimsche Heide", where a study will examine how these areas can be spared as much as possible or even completely by diverting the line. For certain sections, bundling with railways and distribution grids is being considered.

Planning and approval process: Plan approval for western section granted

50Hertz will realise the line in two sections. The plan for the western section between Wustermark and the Oder-Havel channel was approved on 20 August 2013.

The planning approval procedure for the second section will begin at a later time and is planned for the fourth quarter of 2013. The relevant documents are currently being drawn up. It includes the line between the Oder-Havel channel and the Neuenhagen substation, as well as the connection of the Hennigsdorf substation.

The spatial planning procedure for the entire route at the joint planning authority for Land Brandenburg and the city of Berlin preceded both plan approval procedures, and was concluded with the state planning assessment on 30 August 2011.

During the public participation procedure of the regional planning procedure, 76 opinions were expressed and 90 representatives of public interests (authorities, municipalities, associations, companies) were consulted. After information of the public, 109 positions were received with objections, proposals and suggestions.

Construction and operation

Western section

Mid-October 2015, construction work started on the section between the substation Wustermark and the Oder-Havel canal. The construction works will be finished by late August 2017

Eastern section

The section is currently going through the planning approval procedure. The planning approval decision is a precondition to start the construction work along the eastern part of the 380 kV Nordring Berlin.

State of proceedings

Section 2 (east)

Section 2 (east) Zoom

Section 1 (west)

Section 1 (west) Zoom