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Status of Perleberg-Wolmirstedt 380-kV overhead line

Need and legal background

Line approved in grid development plan

The existing 220-kV line from Wolmirstedt to Güstrow, built in the 1950s, no longer meets the requirements for the transmission of electricity. As a result of the continuing growth in RES installations, especially the construction of wind turbines both on- and offshore, the route's transmission capacity has to be increased. The line transmits electricity generated by RES installations in the north of the 50Hertz control area and by conventional power stations in the south of Germany.

This need was identified through the calculations of the 2012 grid development plan (GDP) and the necessity of expansion was confirmed in the 2013 GDP (scenario B): the transfer capacity of the current 220-kV line between Wolmirstedt and Güstrow is too low to meet the challenges to be expected for the next decade. The line faces higher loads due to the feed-in of on- and offshore wind power in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and greater transit flows from Denmark. Given the design and tower statics, it is not possible to rewire the line - in other words, replace the conductors - with more powerful high-temperature conductors. The weight of the high-temperature conductors alone is not compatible with the statics of the existing towers.

It is therefore necessary to incorporate a new installation, i.e. the Parchim Süd substation, in the section between Perleberg and Güstrow. This should make it easier for the line to take on onshore wind power from the downstream distribution systems, which also contributes to the higher load on the 220-kV line.


Line route

Existing route corridor is used

The course of the planned 380-kV line from Perleberg to Wolmirstedt will, wherever possible, follow the existing corridor of the 220-kV line through Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt. Exceptions are the subsections from Rochau to Schinne and Klein Möringen to Groß Schwarzlosen. Here, the new construction route runs parallel to the 380-kV line Lubmin-Stendal West and Stendal West-Wolmirstedt. The planned route was subdivided into three sections for approval. Detailed information is available in the publicly disclosed documents in the scope of the planning approval proceedings.

380-kV overhead line Perleberg – Stendal West – Wolmirstedt

Line Perleberg – Stendal West (section Brandenburg)

The new 380-kV overhead line starts in the eastern city area of Perleberg. The line begins at tower no. 10 at the crossing of the existing 220-kV overhead line Wolmirstedt-Güstrow at Bundesstraße 5 near Spiegelhagen. Along the 220-kV line route, the new 380-kV overhead line should pass the towns of Düpow and Plattenburg in the direction of the Perleberg forest. Through the forest, up to the crossing at the state border with Saxony-Anhalt (at the Elbe), the new line should follow the existing forest aisle, which does not need to be widened. Between Garsedow and Schadebeuster, the 380-kV line reaches the river Elbe and therefore the state border with Saxony-Anhalt. The Elbe crossing towers, which were renovated a few years ago, will still be used. Only the tower peaks will be modified.

Line Perleberg – Stendal West (section Saxony-Anhalt)


Near Losenrade, to the west of the Elbe, the distance to a farm is increased, for the rest the new line runs along the old route in the direction of the south, until it meets the existing 380-kV Lubmin-Stendal West overhead line to the south-east of Seehausen. As both 380-kV lines can run parallel to each other in the future instead of crossing the 220-kV line as they do today, they will be suspended from five towers in a four circuit configuration over a short section.

From Biesehof on, both lines continue in parallel and the planned 380-kV Perleberg-Wolmirstedt line again follows the 220-kV route. Only in the sections between Rochau and Schinne as well as between Klein Möringen and the Stendal West substation, and from there on to Groß Schwarzlosen, the new 380-kV line leaves the existing 220-kV route to run in parallel to the existing Lubmin-Stendal West 380-kV line. From Klein Möringen on, a four-circuit section has to be constructed up to the Stendal West substation for technical reasons.


Line Stendal West – Wolmirstedt (Saxony-Anhalt)

The third section begins from the south side of the Stendal West substation on the territory of Insel. The planned 380-kV line should run to the east of the existing Stendal West-Wolmirstedt 380-kV line in south-easterly direction. From the eastern border of Groß Schwarzlosen, the new line can again follow the route of the existing 220-kV overhead line. In Uchtdorf, the routes split up again in the 220-kV Wolmirstedt-Güstrow line and the 380-kV Stendal West-Wolmirstedt overhead line. The new line should remain bundled with the Stendal West-Wolmirstedt 380-kV overhead line and follow its curve to the south-west.
The end point of the new overhead line is the Wolmirstedt substation.

Project status

All three planning approval proceedings have been initiated.

For each of the three sections of the planned 380-kV Perleberg-Wolmirstedt line to be approved, there is a state-specific planning approval procedure. Normally, the planning approval procedure is preceded by a regional planning procedure. For the replacement construction of the 380-kV overhead line from Perleberg to Wolmirstedt, an exemption was granted as the new line will for the most part follow the same route as the existing line.


In Brandenburg, the planning approval proceedings were initiated by submitting the documents. The planning documents were available for public consultation from 3 March to 4 April 2014 in the offices of the cities Perleberg and Wittenberge, district Bad Wilsnack/Weisen and the municipality of Plattenburg.

The competent authority is the State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials (LBGR) in Cottbus.


For the part of the line in Saxony-Anhalt, there are approval procedures for two sections. In Saxony-Anhalt, the Administrative Office of Halle is competent.

For the section Stendal-Wolmirstedt, planning approval documents are available for public consultation from 4 March 2015 to 7 April 2015 in the cities of Stendal, Wolmirstedt, Tangerhütte and the municipality of Rogätz, part of the collective municipality of Elbe-Heide.

The planning approval documents for the section of Perleberg-Stendal West were available between 21 October and 20 November 2014 in Stendal and the municipality of Bismark.

Now that the documents have been disclosed to the public and the authorities competent for the procedures have tested the positions and objections submitted by the affected parties, the planning approval decisions are expected in 2015 - provided approval is possible.