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Background information grid connection Jessen/Nord

Need and legal background

A large number of wind farms are being erected in eastern Saxony-Anhalt, more specifically in the region of Falkenberg-Herzberg-Jessen. This region offers particularly good conditions for the generation of wind power. The total surface of the suitable wind power areas increases by half. The transport of the electricity generated in the wind farms makes it necessary to either reinforce existing lines and substations or construct new ones.

According to meticulous research by 50Hertz and distribution system operator MITNETZ STROM, carried out under its obligation to connect renewable energy (RES) installations immediately and as a priority, the Jessen/Nord site has proven to be the optimal economical and technical location. 50Hertz and MITNETZ are building a new interface between the transmission and distribution systems to the east of the city of Jessen. The substation makes optimal use of the existing infrastructure, which reduces the impact on nature and the landscape.

The new substation will be connected to the Ragow-Lauchstädt 380-kV line, between Großkorga and the Schwarze Elster river. The planning for the line integration provides the disassembly of the six existing transmission towers and the erection of seven new ones.
Tragmast im Bau Die Tragmasten der compactLine haben nur eine Traverse und sind zwischen 30 und 36 Meter hoch.

Authorisation procedure


The approval and construction of substations is subject to the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and are therefore different from the approval procedure for a 380-kV overhead line.

The application for a permit under the BImSchG for the construction of a new 380/110-kV outdoor switchyard was submitted on 14 November 2013. On 5 September 2014, the competent environmental department of the Wittenberg district approved the project and as such granted the building permit for the project.

Overhead line

The selected location is best suited for the construction of a 380-kV overhead line, so that the construction works do not affect nature conservation areas or other ecologically valuable areas.

In January 2015, the application documents for the 380-kV overhead line were submitted to the Administrative Office of Saxony-Anhalt. After a thorough review of the documents, the authority decided to release the 380-kV overhead line from the planning approval proceedings and approved the plan that was submitted.

In consultation with the local public authorities and the land owners, the Administrative Office was able to confirm the route corridor established by 50Hertz.

The construction permit for the 380-kV grid connection was granted in late January 2015.

Line route

In the area surrounding the substation's building site, the current Ragow–Lauchstädt 380-kV line runs in a south-westerly direction. Two new overhang points (terminal towers) enable the substation's integration.

Construction and operation


The new substation has been under construction since September 2014. The foundations for the transformers, all single foundations, the steel constructions as well as the industrial buildings have already been completed. The first transformer was installed in the substation and connected on 5 May 2015. The second 380/110-kV transformer has also arrived at the substation. The final works are currently ongoing at the substation's construction site.

During normal operation, the complete substation will be controlled and monitored remotely by regional centre Ost. The 50Hertz employees perform regular on-site maintenance and checks on the installation and equipment.

Overhead line

The construction work on the line section began in July 2015. The tower locations were prepared between early July 2015 and late September 2015. During that period, preparations were also made for the foundations and the testing assembly of the tower constructions. The installation of the conductors is planned for March to April 2016.

The commissioning of the line sections and the substation is expected to take place in April 2016. The old towers will then be disassembled.


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