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50Hertz temporarily stops construction work on Uckermark line

Uckermark Line

50Hertz is planning an EHV line from the Prenzlau region to Neuenhagen bei Berlin. With this project, 50Hertz factors in the growing segment of renewables in Brandenburg.

The Uckermark line will be 115 kilometres long and will connect the Bertikow substation near Prenzlau to Neuenhagen in northern Berlin. In accordance with the principle of route bundling, most of the planned trajectory runs parallel to other infrastructure routes, such as a railway section and along existing 110 kV and 220 kV lines over a distance of 100 kilometres. The 380 kV line will supply Berlin with electricity generated by biomass and wind power stations in Brandenburg. This mainly reinforces the infrastructure for the Uckermark-Barnim energy region. Regional companies will also benefit from the construction of the Uckermark line by taking part in individual operations. In total, 50Hertz will invest 130 million € in the project of the 115-kilometre 380 kV overhead line.

The planning of the Uckermark line goes back to 2005. It was already part of the "dena 1" grid study and the Trans-European Energy Network Interconnection Programme of 2006/2007. The national importance of the Uckermark line was laid down in the German Bundestag's Energy Line Extension Act (EnLAG) in 2009. With the 2011 energy transition and the instrumental development of renewable energies, its significance for the security of supply in Germany has again increased. The planning approval procedure still needs to be concluded.

A part of the Uckermark line between Vierraden in Germany and Krajnik in Poland (inkl. the phase shifter) was defined by the European Union as a project of common interest (PCI). Therefore this project is particularly significant for improving the supply security and grid expansion on the European level.

Here you can find information on: PCI projects at 50Hertz.

Two other authorisation procedures

The connection between the substations of Bertikow and Vierraden bei Schwedt, subject to an additional approval procedure, will also be constructed as a 380 kV line. The route, planned as an overhead line, is about 5.5 km long and designated as "Einschleifung Vierraden" (Vierraden tap point). The route's connection to the backbone is located north of PCK Raffinerie GmbH.
Another separate approval procedure concerns the construction of a new 380 kV subsection of the line between Vierraden and Krajnik in Poland, where a 220 kV line is currently being exploited along the approx. 2.8 km long route. It is already partially constructed with a 380 kV configuration and will now be completely converted to 380 kV.

Feasibility study on 380 kV cable link in Eberswalde

In 2011, 50Hertz ordered a study on the underground cable solution for a section in the Eberswalde region. The relevant documentation can be found on the background information webpage under the title "Documentation Eberswalde cable study". There, you can consult the study of April 2011, the addendum of August 2011 as well as relevant maps.

Further information

All information on the project's progress (state of the procedure, line routes, etc.)

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