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50Hertz in dialogue with citizens for line construction projects

Line construction projects are very time-consuming. The planning and realisation times are currently between five and ten years. That is why it is not easy for citizens as well as for the cities and towns involved or institutions such as environmental associations to stay up to date. Line construction projects concern technical matters that have to be tested and approved in a complex legal procedure.

This is 50Hertz's motivation to

  • explain the current progress of the project and the participation possibilities that are available at this time.
    • 50Hertz always describes the current project situation on the relevant project web page under the status / detailed planning menu.
  • simplify and clarify legally and technically complex matters to make them understandable to all.
    • 50Hertz has created a number of brochures and flyers that are suitable for a broad audience and explain important technical and plan-related background information on the relevant project website.
  • approach the public, especially affected cities and towns as well as their citizens, at the earliest possible stage and invite them to an informal dialogue.
  • guide interested citizens and institutions through the procedure and support them through the use of communication tools.
    • 50Hertz makes documents and maps from the approval procedure available on its project websites, in coordination with federal and state approval bodies.
  • quickly answer any questions without any bureaucracy.
    • 50Hertz has set up a hotline that citizens can call to have their questions answered directly by 50Hertz. On all project websites, you can find contact information to reach our project communication team. 50Hertz joined many forums to improve the instruments for this dialogue, share own experiences and learn from the best. This also means that we are working on ourselves in order to optimise the much needed social dialogue on the conversion of the high-voltage grids.

The participation opportunities are part of an official public participation procedure and an informal public dialogue initiated by 50Hertz.

50Hertz in dialogue with citizens for line construction projects 50Hertz in dialogue with citizens for line construction projects


Dr. Danuta Kneipp

Head of Public participation

Dr. Danuta Kneipp
Tel: +49 30 5150-2198
Fax: +49 30 5150-3112
E-Mail: danuta.kneipp@50hertz.com