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Annual EEG bill

This page contains, for the respective billing year, the annual totals of generated renewable energy volumes and remuneration payments for each plant in the respective area of a system operator belonging to the 50Hertz control area.

You can view the certified annualised bills for a given billing year, sorted according to system operator, renewable energy source (hydro, gas, biomass, geothermal, wind, and solar power plants), EEG year, voltage level, Federal State and year of commissioning.

The results overview displays information on the renewable energy supplied, the remuneration paid as well as the avoided use-of-system charge deducted by the system operator taking off the EEG electricity. The data are available at plant resolution and include information on the plant's site, location and the installed capacity. For biomass plants, information on the feedstock fuel is added.
The “total remuneration” mentioned under “Annual EEG Bill” covers all payments made by the TSO to the DSOs in accordance with the EEG, i.e. the EEG remuneration, the market premium including management bonus as well as subsidies for flexibility. The “total EEG electricity” indicated, on the other hand, only covers the energy volume supplied to the TSO in the scope of the fixed EEG remuneration, which is assigned to the DSO’s EEG balancing group.

By choosing "All" TSOs, you can view the sum of the annual results for all TSOs active in the 50Hertz Transmission control area. The annual EEG bill for plants feeding directly into the 50Hertz system and for which 50Hertz assumes take-off and remuneration duties are listed under the TSO "50Hertz Transmission GmbH".

Disclaimer of liability:

The data are disclosed as received from each distribution system operator (DSO). We assume no liability or warranty for the correctness, completeness and topicality of these data or for the diligence with which the DSOs have researched and checked these data.

Data export:

You can download all data for your further use as a .csv export.

Annual EEG bill 2016
Annual EEG bill 2015


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