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Intra-year monthly billing

Under this item, you will find the EEG electricity feed-in and remuneration payment figures for the 50Hertz transmission control area – listed on a monthly basis according to system operators.

EEG electricity is the volume of energy supplied to all final consumers via the nationwide burden sharing as a proportion of their total electricity consumption.

Avoided use-of-system charges

The remuneration total reflects gross payments made to the respective plant operators in each of the service areas. These so-called avoided use-of-system charges (“aUSC”) are separately reported amounts of money deducted by the grid operator taking up the renewable energy (“remuneration” less “aUSC”).

Intra-year monthly billing

The “intra-year monthly bills” are advance payments/instalments. At the conclusion of each year during which renewable energy was fed in, the final feed-in totals are calculated and certified by independent chartered or certified public accountants.

Click here to view the certified annual EEG bills.

By choosing “All” system operators, you can view the monthly totals for the 50Hertz control area.

Direct EEG electricity feeding

To view direct renewable energy feeding into the 50Hertz system for which 50Hertz assumes take-off and remuneration duties, select “50Hertz Transmission GmbH” as the TSO. The results overview also displays the renewable energy totals, remuneration payments and avoided usage-of-system charges grouped by type of energy source, i.e., hydro, gas, biomass, geothermal, wind and solar power plants.

Disclaimer of liability:

The data are disclosed as received from each distribution system operator (DSO). We assume no liability or warranty for the correctness, completeness and topicality of these data, or for the diligence with which the DSOs have researched and checked these data.

Data export:

You can download all data for your further use as a .csv export.


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