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Variations of EEG electricity feeding over time

On this page, a graphical display illustrates the variations of actual renewable energy inputs into the 50Hertz control area over time. In this context, the renewable energy volumes fed in and supplied to us as a transmission system operator are taken into account. This description does not take into consideration any directly marketed renewable energy volumes, or any interventions by system operators in the scope of congestion management or redispatch.

The variation over time of renewable energy inputs can be graphically displayed as monthly or daily charts – starting from April 2007. You can view the energy input for each energy source, or display aggregated data such as “All Energy Sources”, or “All Energy Sources w/o Wind”, also called ‘remaining renewables’. The energy fed in during a current month is shown graphically after a time lag of two months.

Data export:

You can download all data for your further use as a .csv export.

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