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Cooperation ventures

The energy market brings numerous players together. Their interplay allows promising approaches to addressing future challenges – in the fields of renewable energies, climate and environmental protection, and harmonisation of the European electricity market. 50Hertz is aware of its civic tasks and responsibility towards the society, and cooperates closely with its partners.

The "Forum for renewable energy integration into the system"

The "Forum for renewable energy integration into the system" brings together politicians and electric utility companies, conservationists and energy experts, scientists and local pressure groups in a common effort to drive remodelling of the energy system, thereby helping translate system remodelling into societal and political practice.

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RGI - Renewables Grid Initiative

Together with environmental organisations like WWF and Germanwatch, 50Hertz has launched the European "Renewables Grid Initiative" (RGI), whose aim is to promote renewable energies and the system extensions their expanded use requires.

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The Harz mountains - a showcase for renewable energy use

Can a whole region be fully supplied with electricity from renewable sources? The project "Regenerative Modellregion Harz (RegModHarz)" seeks to answer this question. Smart networking using state-of-the-art information and communication technologies interconnects renewable energy generators, electricity storage facilities and consumers. The project enjoys the support of the Federal Ministry of the Environment.

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Information provided by the four German transmission system operators

Together with the other three German transmission system operators, 50Hertz operates a platform that makes available information on managing the requirements under the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWK-G).

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JAO „Joint Allocation Office“

JAO ("Joint Allocation Office") is a platform for the allocation of cross-border transmission capacities on currently 27 European borders. On 01.09.2015 JAO has been established from the merger of the two regional allocation offices "CAO Central Allocation Office GmbH" and "CASC.EU S.A.". JAO is a service company of currently 20 TSOs from 17 countries.

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Industrieforum VHPready e.V.

50Hertz is a founder member of the Industrieforum VHPready. The forum advocates the realization of the energy transition through a standardized linking of decentralized energy plants. It further enables balancing volatilities by coordinating those plants. VHPready facilitates the prequalification for participation in the control energy market. It mainly supports battery storages, block heating works, process heaters and heat pumps.

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Coreso - Leading coordination for enhanced reliability of supply

Coreso is an independent company where engineers from several nationalities work together to check and improve the Security of Supply level in Western Europe. It is a Regional Coordination Service Centre and thus it provide its shareholders (including 50Hertz, representing more than 40% of EU’s population) with services of coordination with regards to the forecast and operation of electricity flows. Its objective is to help European TSOs to enhance the level of Security of Supply by bringing them a wide vision of electricity flows complementary to their national vision.

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TSO Security Cooperation (TSC)

The TSO Security Cooperation (TSC) is a cooperative venture of 11 European transmission system operators (TSOs) whose aim is to further strengthen the security of supply in the central European interconnected extra-high voltage grids. TSC partners are responsible for power supply to 170 million Europeans. The initiative, working through a permanent security panel, uses a real-time information system ("Real-time Awareness and Alarm System" [RAAS]) and a common IT platform to provide equal access to data and security calculations to all participants. TSC allows the system operators improved coordination of their work, which is particularly valuable in integrating renewable energy and managing increasing cross-border electricity flows and transmission.

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50Hertz is delving into a new design for transmission lines and towers. Until 2018 the company develops within the R&D project “compactLine” a completely new technical solution to reduce nature and land consumption by transmission lines. compactLine will differ in lower tower height, smaller tower circumference and narrow corridors from conventional transmission towers.

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