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Grid use

Customers who wish to take off electricity from the system of 50Hertz or feed into it conclude a grid use contract with 50Hertz. Based on meter counts, the electricity taken off by the customer is charged for on the basis of the price list for grid use.

The grid use contract is the instrument providing access to the entire electricity grid. Besides defining a spirit of cooperation allowing the system operator to assume responsibility for the system, it regulates matters with respect to agreeing to and providing grid capacity, providing compensation energy services, and the details concerning billing and payment for these services.


In addition to customers taking electricity off the system of 50Hertz or feeding electricity into it, their suppliers, acting as their agents, may conclude contracts with 50Hertz (supplier framework contract).

In such cases, it is not required for the contracts to relate to certain take-off points. The supplier framework contract affords access to the entire electricity supply system.