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Measures and adjustments performed to meet the responsibility for the system

The 50Hertz transmission grid is the basis for reliable, safe and efficient electricity supply. Ensuring service security is at the centre of our activities. Should grid stability be endangered or disrupted, we take immediate grid- or market-related measures within the framework of congestion management.

Preventative or curative measures include redispatch and countertrading, as well as safety-related interventions within control areas to modulate power feed-ins (section 13.2 EnWG).

Where a risk or disruption cannot be remedied, or not remedied in time, through the above-mentioned measures, the system operator will be entitled and obliged to modify all power feed-ins, electricity transits and electricity take-offs to adapt them to the requirements of safe, secure and reliable operation, or demand such adaptation (section 13.2 EnWG).

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Measures according to s.13.1 EnWG:

Measures according to s.13.2 EnWG:

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