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Photovoltaics in Germany is a fast growing part of the renewable electricity generation. The installed capacity in the country has raised to an amount of around 39 gigawatts (As of end of 2016). About 9.3 gigawatts of solar power are already installed in the control area of 50Hertz. This also involves balancing the fluctuations in power feed-in during day and night.

Today, solar power represents about three per cent of the German energy mix, and the trend is rising. Other than for conventional power plants, the generation of electricity by photovoltaic installations is subject to fluctuations. As a result, solar power seldom corresponds to the actual demand. The operators of the German energy supply grids are nevertheless obliged by the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) to feed in all electricity generated from renewable sources into the grid. In order to maintain the balance between offer and demand, operators have to compensate for fluctuations due to the weather. 50Hertz ensures this balance.

Below, you will find a number of important key figures relating to Photovoltaics in the 50Hertz control area.

Control area of 50Hertz: Photovoltaics specifications 2014 - 2016

Description 2014  2015 2016 
Maximum Photovoltaics infeed 5.540 MW 5.995 MW  6.576 MW 
Minimum Photovoltaics infeed 0 MW 0 MW   0 MW
Largest quarter-hourly jump in Photovoltaics + 957 MW /
- 1.073 MW
+ 1.061 MW /
- 709 MW
 + 860 MW /
- 576 MW
Largest hourly jump in Photovoltaics + 1.781 MW /
- 1.705 MW
+ 3.170 MW /
- 2.085 MW
+ 2.005 MW /
- 1.642 MW
Installed capacity of Photovoltaics power plants at the end of the year 8.396 MW
8.828 MW  9.279 MW

Data based on the extrapolation of the actual figures (15 minute mean capacity figures). The figures are transmitted to 50HzT every 15 minutes by two providers (Meteocontrol & EnergyMeteoSystems). The individual extrapolations are used to generate a meta extrapolation. The values refer to solar power, including direct marketing.

The forecast figures and extrapolated actuals of Photovoltaics feed-in for the 50Hertz control area are available on the following sites:

The relevant audit certificates in connection with the feed-in time series will be authoritative for final EEG settlement.


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