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Start of the formal public participation on 7 October 2013

On 19/09/2013, the Thuringian Administrative Office in Weimar officially initiated the plan approval procedure for the third section of the South-West Interconnector between substation Altenfeld and the Thuringian state border near Schalkau. To this end, the application documents were made available for public consultation in all cities and municipalities affected by the project for six weeks, from 7 October 2013 to 18 November 2013. All interested parties could then peruse the planning documents in the city halls or municipal offices and submit their objections to the competent planning authority in writing. 50Hertz will make the planning documents available online for the duration of the information round.

European priority project: the South-West Interconnector

The South-West Interconnector is a 380 kV overhead line, constructed by 50Hertz in three sections between Bad Lauchstädt (Saxony-Anhalt) and Redwitz (Bavaria). For the 210 kilometre EHV line, 50Hertz has budgeted investments of some 250 million EUR. It benefits the transmission of electricity across regions, from north to south, from the eastern to the south-western Bundesländer and within Europe. This makes it a project of great regional, national and especially European importance for the durability of the power grid.

The South-West Interconnector is one of the important connections between electricity grids in Europe, and is mentioned in EU Decision no. 1364/2006/EC on trans-European energy networks, more in particular item EL.7, as the connection project Halle/Saale-Schweinfurt (DE). Accordingly, it was also included as no. 4 in the national Power Grid Expansion Act (EnLAG) of 2009, in which the Bundestag classified a total of 24 expansion projects as urgently needed for grid development.

The first section, between substations Bad Lauchstädt and Vieselbach, has been operational since 18 December 2008.

The second section of the overhead line (official title: 380 kV line Vieselbach-Altenfeld, including the 110 kV connection to the Stadtilm substation) leads from the Vieselbach substation to the substation in Altenfeld. The construction permit was obtained after the plan approval procedure was concluded on 31 January. The first works took place in February 2012. In early September 2012, these were continued.

For the third section between the Altenfeld substation and the Thuringian state border (official title: South-West Interconnector (380 kV), section Altenfeld-Redwitz (subsection Thuringia)), the state planning assessment was presented in March 2011 after conclusion of the regional planning procedure. This formed the basis for the documents submitted to the Thuringian Administrative Office in Weimar in late March 2013 for the plan approval procedure.

This project was defined by the European Union as a project of common interest (PCI). Therefore this project is particularly significant for improving the supply security and grid expansion on the European level.

Here you can find information on: PCI projects at 50Hertz.

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