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Balancing group settlement

Due to the multitude of balancing groups and their deviations, energy flows occur that need to be counterbalanced. Only the remainder, i.e. the balance of all balancing group deviations (control area balance), makes it necessary to activate control energy. The resulting costs were allocated to the balancing groups in the course of the balancing group settlement.

Uniform model to determine a standard cross-control area balancing energy price (reBAP)

The standard cross-control area balancing energy price (reBAP) applies to all German control areas since May 2010.
In addition to the reBAP, the relevant balance of the activated control energy is also mentioned for each quarter-hour of the control areas participating in the GCC (GCC balance). A plus sign corresponds to a purchase of positive control energy as a result of the deficient cover of the control areas, whereas a negative sign corresponds to the purchase of negative control area (delivery of surplus energy) in case of excess cover of the affected control areas.

Costs and revenues from balancing group settlements

Pursuant to decision BK6-12-024 of the Federal Network Agency of 25/10/2012 and the associated description of the model to calculate the reBAP, the costs of the control energy used to balance the control area, the revenues from the balancing group settlement, the revenue surplus for the reduction of grid charges and the further allocation of higher/lower revenues are presented on a delta account. The delta account consists of corrections referring to the past, resulting e.g. from belated claims of balancing energy suppliers that could not yet be cleared at the time of the reBAP publication.

Compilation of costs and revenues from balancing group accounts

2017 (1) Costs
(2) Revenues
(3) Reduction of
grid charges 
(4) Delta Account
 January 9.781.587,97 9.920.684,31 139.096,34 0,00 0,00
 February 7.831.127,86 7.844.442,65 13.314,79 0,00 0,00
 March 7.518.610,65 7.532.423,99 13.813,34 0,00 0,00
 April 9.705.866,10 9.744.926,52 39.060,42 0,00 0,00
 May 6.316.647,82 6.383.944,68 67.296,86 0,00 0,00
 June 6.868.735,13 6.902.567,14 33.832,01 0,00  0,00

The balance is the result of:

  • (1) costs for control energy
  • (2) revenues from the balancing group settlement
  • (3) revenue surplus for the reduction of grid charges
  • (4) settlement of the delta account

The values are extended with a time lag of three months.


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Model and supplementary information

Below, please find a detailed description of the model and supplementary information available for download in pdf format.

reBAP in CSV-Format in EUR/MWh

Single price for compensation energy across all control areas - reBAP in CSV format in EUR / MWh.

Historical data can be found in the archive.