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Control reserve (capacity provision)

The results of the calls for tenders for balancing capacity can be found on www.regelleistung.net.
Results of tenders prior to 2007 can be found in the archive.

Costs of capacity provision for control energy

2016 Costs of capacity provision in € *
January 4.416.053,77
February 3.092.522,75
March 2.363.122,10
April 3.046.602,64
May 4.611.521,77
June 5.837.876,09
July  3.188.425,65
August 2.738.402,97
September 2.239.893,62
Note: The costs indicated for the provision of control reserves do not include the monthly costs incurred by 50Hertz after the compensation payments between TSOs. All three types of control reserve are taken into account: primary control reserve, secondary control reserve and tertiary control reserve. The costs for the provision of reserve power are included in the grid use charges.

* These data are temporary values.