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EEG reform, new Electricity Market Act and digitalisation central themes of 8th EEG conference

Transmission System Operator 50Hertz organised 8th edition of annual EEG conference to exchange ideas with customers and partners / Balancing group management, digitalisation and implementation of the EEG amendment were discussed / Almost 200 participants for conference held at 50Hertz Netzquartier

EEG reform, new Electricity Market Act and digitalisation central themes of 8th EEG conference

Berlin– About 200 participants gathered at the 8th EEG conference held by transmission system operator 50Hertz in Berlin to discuss this year's legislative changes with an impact on energy policy. Current trends and challenges in grid development and the integration of renewable energy sources were also widely discussed.

The EEG conference was attended by representatives of transmission and distribution system operators, the Federal Network Agency, electricity suppliers and traders. For the first time, the conference was held at the premises of the Netzquartier, 50Hertz's new offices in Berlin's Europacity quarters.

In his opening speech, 50Hertz CMO Dr Dirk Biermann talked about the exciting developments in energy policy this year, such as the Electricity Market and Digitalisation Acts as well as the EEG reform, calling them important steps towards the market integration of renewable energy now that the market will determine the incentive amounts instead of the administration. The synchronisation of the development of renewables with grid development was also cited as an important measure in view of the high costs for congestion management.

According to Biermann, the new Electricity Market Act is another important contribution to the secure and efficient integration of green power as it improves market transparency: "The market master data register introduced by the act simplifies many processes in the energy industry, as certain official reporting duties can be harmonised, simplified or even omitted altogether thanks to the central registration."

The Act on the Digitalisation of the Energy Transition will complement the Electricity Market Act if it promotes interaction between actors and ultimately leads to efficient grid management: "The Digitalisation Act enables us to visibly improve the feed-in forecasts for wind and solar power", said the 50Hertz managing director.

The specific implementation issues regarding the EEG reform and the Electricity Market and Digitalisation Act were discussed in further detail during plenary addresses and professional forums taking place during the conference.

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