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France joins international cooperation for frequency containment reserve

16/01/2017 - Bayreuth, Berlin, Dortmund, Stuttgart. The first successful cross-border auction for frequency containment reserve (FCR) in cooperation with the French transmission system operator RTE took place on 10 January. This was announced by transmission system operators 50Hertz, Amprion, APG, Elia, RTE, Swissgrid, TenneT and TransnetBW. The weekly joint call for tenders for frequency containment reserve now includes Belgian, German, Dutch, Austrian, Swiss and for the first time French control power suppliers.

The FCR is the most flexible control power product procured by the transmission system operators. It automatically regulates positive and negative frequency deviations in the electrical grid within 30 seconds without interruption.

With a total demand of about 1400 megawatts (MW), which corresponds to almost half of the FCR required for continental Europe, the common FCR market is the largest of Europe. Western Denmark is also planning to join the market in the near future. This regional market trades in FCR for an annual value of about 200 million EUR.

The joint auction allows the transmission system operators to provide end consumers with FCR at a minimum cost and at the same time provide the control power suppliers with a large common market. The publicly available price signals of the FCR auction establish a clear reference value for active investors with new technologies, such as controllable loads or batteries.

This voluntary initiative of the transmission system operators, introduced in coordination with the national regulators, is a step towards a single European control power market, the future Guideline on Electricity Balancing and the Clean Energy for All Europeans package.

In order to meet the new challenges, the transmission system operators seek to improve the cooperation in view of the FCR market design by means of a public consultation: https://consultations.entsoe.eu/

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