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50Hertz publishes first Sustainability Report

50Hertz publishes first Sustainability Report
  • First extensive overview of sustainability management published by Transmission System Operator 50Hertz
  • Report implements guidelines of German Sustainability Code and the UN Global Compact
  • Publication of CSR report coincides with Annual Report 2016 and Almanac 2016

Berlin – 50Hertz published its first and extensive report on its activities in sus-tainability management today. Titled “Sustainability Report 2016 - Our Respon-sibility”, the transmission system operator responsible for the north and east of Germany provides a transparent and comprehensive insight into its sustainability activities. 50Hertz simultaneously published its annual report for 2016 as well as the Almanac 2016 with a lot of interesting data, facts and figures.

The CSR report marks the starting point for regular sustainability reporting, which will be legally binding as of financial year 2017. As such the report fulfils the twenty criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and follows the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4). The docu-ment furthermore shows how the system operator implements the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UN GC), which 50Hertz joined in April 2017.

“50Hertz is committed to the successful and secure integration of renewable energy sources in the electrical grid. Last year, the share of renewables in the consumption of electricity within our grid area approached 48 per cent. Into this success story of our direct operational activities fits a consistent sustainability management, which we have embedded in our corporate strategy, coordinated internally and communicated to the outside world in a transparent manner”, ex-plains Marco Nix, Chief Financial Officer and responsible for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at 50Hertz. “With our report, we specify our sustainability activities and explain the issues we consider important in the fields of economy, environment, human resources and social commitment.”

The report focuses on the role of 50Hertz as a responsible system operator, an environmentally conscious player and a committed local partner. An example with regard to the environment: with over 500 compensatory and replacement measures, such as the planting of trees along roads, the installation of nesting aids or the resource-conserving demolition of abandoned buildings or unused structures, 50Hertz actively seeks to compensate its impact on nature and land-scape in the grid development regions and introduce positive local accents. This also involves the so-called ecological corridor management of the system opera-tor, which endeavours to plan and cultivate line routes to minimise their impact in an environmentally sustainable manner.

In the scope of infrastructure development, the report also reflects the activities through a transparent dialogue with the stakeholder groups for grid develop-ment to create acceptance. 50Hertz highly values open interaction with the general public in order to engage it in an early stage and thus improve the plan-ning for grid expansion and in doing so create a basis for understanding and acceptance. In the scope of the early participation process for the SuedOstLink, citizens, politicians, associations and local officials were involved in route plan-ning, for instance by means of local information fairs, working groups spanning several German states as well as many individual talks during the Dialogue Van tour. In this manner, 665 tips were received, of which 560 were relevant to the planning and could therefore be taken into account in the further course of the project.

At the local level, 50Hertz moreover involves itself in youth work, social care, energy and environmental education as well as culture. The system operator therefore supports many initiatives, associations and organisations such as the Rennsteig Autumn Run in the Thuringian Forest. As an employer, 50Hertz also lays specific accents in its corporate co-determination process: For instance, in December 2016, a first youth and trainee representation was established in order to take note of the interests of the young workforce and further develop the internal dialogue with all employees.

More information about and illustrations of the sustainability activities of 50Hertz can be found under csr.50hertz.com.

The 2016 Annual Report, the Almanac 2016 and the Sustainability Report 2016 are available as PDF documents in German and English and can be downloaded here: http://www.50hertz.com/en/Media/Publications

Read press release as pdf.

With about 1,000 collaborators, 50Hertz takes care of the operation and the expansion of the transmission grid. Furthermore, the company is responsible for the management of the overall electrical system throughout the German Länder of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. As transmission system operator active in the Central European market, 50Hertz is responsible for the se-cure integration of renewable energy, the development of the European electricity market and for maintaining a high level of security of supply. Since 2010, Belgian grid operator Elia and Australian infrastructure fund IFM Investors are shareholders of 50Hertz, holding stakes of 60% and 40%. As a European transmission system operator, 50Hertz is part of the Elia Group and a member of ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Opera-tors for Electricity.

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