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Good Practice of the Year Award for 50Hertz “DialogMobil”

50Hertz´s “Mobile Citizen´s Office” – the so called “Dialog-Mobil” – receives award from European Renewables Grid Initiative for innovative public participation and citizen-oriented commitment in the scope of grid development

Good Practice of the Year Award for 50Hertz “DialogMobil”

Berlin – Praiseworthy: today, June 1st 2017, the mobile information office of electricity transmission system operator 50Hertz – the so-called “DialogMobil” – received the Good Practice of the Year Award from the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI). Especially the innovative and committed participation achieved by the “DialogMobil” was praised at the award ceremony in Copenhagen.

With the mobile citizen´s office, 50Hertz not only offers local residents a varied information offer, but also enters into dialogue to provide affected citizens with important information on the grid expansion and involve them in grid planning processes at an early stage, right at their doorstep. “We are honoured to accept this award and consider it an acknowledgement of our transparent approach to dialogue”, said 50Hertz CFO Marco Nix, who received the award on the company’s behalf. “Grid development requires us to talk to each and every stakeholder. That is why we plan to continue along our chosen path – together.”

For large infrastructure projects, such as the SuedOstLink, the challenge has always consisted in adequately informing and involving all stakeholders equally over widespread areas. The “DialogMobil” makes it possible for people living in regions with limited mobility options to obtain information on the planned grid development projects.

The concept of the mobile information office was already developed by the transmission system operator in 2012 in the form of a fully equipped stand and a leased vehicle. After positive feedback from local citizens and professionals, the “DialogMobil” was developed to meet the specific needs of a transparent communication. With it, 50Hertz complements its public participation measures and expands the scope of its dialogue.

Background information:
The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI) is a one-of-a-kind collaboration of European NGO’s and transmission system operators (TSO’s). It is committed to a transparent and eco-friendly development of the grid, needed for the growth and integration of renewable energy. RGI has released many publications, including the European Grid Declaration, containing the principles of public participation to be followed by TSO’s in the scope of grid development. The founding members include Germanwatch and the WWF in addition to 50Hertz and TenneT. Since 2012, the Good Practice of the Year Award has been granted for Best Practices in the field of grid development. The winning concepts offer an innovative approach and improve existing practices in the categories Communication & Participation, Technology & Design and Environmental Protection.

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