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Grid overview

50Hertz operates the transmission grid in the northern and eastern part of Germany. This electricity grid is one of the most recent in Europe. As a part of the European Grid it is directly connected to neighbor countries such as Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark. 50Hertz coordinates the interaction of all players of the electricity market in the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.


The grid of 50Hertz
The grid of 50Hertz
The grid of 50Hertz covers an area of about 109,589 km² and has a length of about 10,000 km.

The grid of 50Hertz - key figures


50Hertz Transmission GmbH Grid

Geographical area approx. 109,619 km²
Power at distribution transformer level 38,440 MVA
Number of outflow points (total) 83
 of which  
 grid level extra high voltage 25
 transformer level extra high to high voltage 58
Total grid length (aerial)
Voltage (kV) Length (km)
380 7,245
220 2,612
Total grid length (cable)
Voltage (kV)
Length (km)
380 55
220 3
150 270
400 (HVDC) 15
Yearly output energy
Grid/transformer level (kWh)
Proportion EHV/ HV

As at December 2017