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Balancing groups

The control areas are subdivided into balancing groups. Balancing groups are virtual energy balance accounts that allow electricity market players to balance their actual feed-in and offtake within a control area. Here, management of the balancing groups is the responsibility of the Balance Responsible Parties (BRP).

The Balance Responsible Parties and 50Hertz sign the standard balancing group contract provided by the Federal Network Agency to manage the balancing groups. The standard balancing group contract is used to make contracts for all business transactions, such as trading, supply and grid activities. This contract includes all relevant obligations to be fulfilled by the contract parties up until the settlement of the control power used.

To ensure proper management, Balance Responsible Parties have to present their forecasts for feed-in and offtake to the Transmission System Operator in the form of a schedule. The differences between the feed-in based on the offtake forecast inside the balancing group and the actual offtake by the BRP's customers within the same balancing group are compensated with control power.

50Hertz settles the control power used with the Balance Responsible Parties each month, in accordance with the rules set up by the Federal Network Agency (MaBiS - market rules for balancing group settlement for electricity).

Conclusion of a new balancing group contract

Please send an informal request with your full contact details to: bkm@50hertz.com

Changes to an existing balancing group contract

Always use our BRP Portal in case of changes to the balancing contract. If you do not have access yet, we will gladly arrange this for you. To this end, please contact: bkm@50hertz.com  

Change in use of X-EICs and Y-EICs as of 01/06/2018

As a result of the further development of the procedure for the allocation and use of the EICs, Annexes 1 and 3 of the standardised balancing group contractwill be modified as of 01/06/2018. As of 01/06/2018, 00:00 hrs, a Balance Responsible Party will receive a Y-EIC as of the second balance group to be established. Only national balance groupsor schedule transactions are possible with these Y-EICs. More information on this subject is available in announcement no. 1 regarding the current balance responsible agreement published by the Federal Network Agency on 19 December 2017.

BNetzA announcement no. 1 regarding the current balance responsible agreement
(only available in german)


As of 01 September 2018, 1816 balancing groups were managed by 640 contract parties in the control area of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH.

Contact details

You can find the appropriate 50Hertz contact in the customer brochure, available for download here.