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General information on congestion data management publications

At the grid area borders of TSOs ČEPS, a.s./PSE S.A. and 50Hertz, not enough transfer capacity is available due to the high demand for electricity transmission, especially from east to west.

The complexity of physical and commercial interactions at the grid area borders between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic requires both a high level of quality as well as a correspondingly high degree of coordination for the allocation method. These requirements are met through the allocation of the limited available transfer capacities in the scope of coordinated explicit auctions by JAO S.A. The transmission capacity of the KONTEK high voltage direct current cable between Denmark and Germany connecting the transmission system of Energinet.dk with that of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH (KONTEK link) is limited for technical reasons. Due to the great interest in power transmission, both from north to south and from south to north, the available capacity of the KONTEK link is provided to market participants on an annual / monthly basis through explicit auctions and on a daily / intraday basis through implicit auctions. The explicit auctions are handled by JAO S.A., the implicit auctions by the Nord Pool Spot AS (NPS) since the introduction of the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC) in the north-western European region.

Information on the explicit auctions is provided on the JAO S.A. (www.jao.eu), information on the implicit auctions is available on the NPS website (www.nordpoolspot.com).

Changes to the current procedure are published on our website.

The capacities made available on the market by 50Hertz for the transmission of electrical energy are determined based on the "Procedures for cross-border transmission capacity assessments" described on the www.entsoe.eu website.

You can find a detailed description of the calculation model approved by the Federal Network Agency here:

Information on long-term development of available transmission infrastructure

In the following overview, 50Hertz presents the ongoing projects for the long-term development of the available transmission infrastructure that also affect the available cross-border transfer capacity.


Project Activity Affected transmission channel / region Planned commissioning Ramifications
380 kV connection between Halle and Schweinfurt (dena Grid Study) Construction of 380 kV line for sections Lauchstädt– Vieselbach, Vieselbach– Altenfeld, Altenfeld– Federal State border of Thuringia/Bavaria for VE Transmission plus construction and conversion of E.ON grid D - CZ 2016 1);2)
380 kV Uckermark line (dena Grid Study)
Construction of 380 kV line between Neuenhagen and Bertikow/Vierraden D - PL 2020 1);2)
380 kV Vierraden
(50Hertz) – Krajnik (PSE)
Construction / Change from 220 kV line to 380 kV line between Vierraden (D) and Krajnik (PL) D - PL 2018  1);2) 
Kriegers Flak - Combined
Grid Solution
(Energinet.dk – 50Hertz)
AC submarine cable Denmark – Germany and back to back station Bentwisch (50Hertz) D - DK  2018   1);2)

1) The ramifications of the activities performed between the named locations depend on how the loads and infeeds develop in each of the grid regions under consideration.

2) Adding the conventional transmission capacity of several interconnection lines does not make it possible to determine the actual capacity. Furthermore, the results derived from such an analysis are fully irrelevant in terms of actual operation.

Generation data

The exact volume and format of the data to be published were agreed in the scope of the transparency initiatives of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs (BMWi) with the associations BDEW (Energy and Water Association), VIK (Association of the Energy and Power Industry) and VKU (Association of Local Public Utilities) as well as the Federal Network Agency and fixed in the list of "reporting requirements from a central data platform to establish transparency on the electricity wholesale market". 50Hertz and the other German TSOs meet these requirements on the EEX transparency platform:

Auctions for Germany-Poland/Czech Republic

You can find an outlook on the available transfer capacity for next year, next month, next week or tomorrow here:

Capacity allocation forecast 

The auction results are published on the website of Joint Allocation Office GmbH.


Capacity tender for Germany-Denmark

You can find an outlook on the available transfer capacity of the KONTEK direct current cable for next year, next month, next week or tomorrow here: Capacity allocation forecast

The auction results of the annual and monthly auctions are published on the website of the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), the day-ahead and intraday allocations are published on the website of Nord Pool AS.

Aggregated commercial and actual physical load flows

The aggregated commercial and actual physical load flows between the borders of Denmark, Poland, and Czech Republic are given on the Internet-based ETSOVista transparency platform (login required).

Ex-ante information on outage planning and ex-post information on planned and unplanned outages in production units with capacities of more than 100 MW are currently in process.

Production forecast and actual production incurred

The disclosure of production forecast and the actual production and load data is in process. Currently, data has been disclosed on vertical grid loads, grid infeeds, as well as the forecast and actual data on wind power infeeds (projection) in the control area of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH

Year-ahead forecast margin including peak load forecast

Year-ahead forecast margin including peak load forecast is part of the "Summer and Winter Outlook Reports" published on the website of ENTSO-E.


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