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Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access

According to the European Internal Energy Market Directive and the German Energy Industry Act of 07/07/2005 (EnWG), operators of electricity supply systems are obliged to define and make known terms for the grid connection of generators, electricity distribution systems, systems of directly connected customers, interconnectors and direct lines, and minimum technical requirements for the latter’s dimensioning and operation. In addition, section 20, subs. 1 EnWG obliges them to publish terms for grid access.

In compliance with the above-stated legislation, 50Hertz Transmission GmbH has published the "Terms of 50Hertz for grid connection and grid access – technical and organisational minimum requirements" (available for download right)

"TransmissionCode 2007"

The "Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access" are based on the "TransmissionCode 2007 - Grid and System Regulations of German Transmission System Operators”. The "Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access" define the minimum technical requirements for connection to the 50Hertz transmission system and the criteria governing feed-in from production units (PUs), including those using renewable energy sources, in the 50Hertz control area. They are subject to amendment, in particular if and when changes to the business or legal environment of the transmission system operator (TSO) occur.

Furthermore, the tasks of system management and the assumption of system responsibility of the TSO vis-à-vis the system connection customers are described in clear terms, and the latter’s participation in system support services is set out.

The Terms form an integral part of the grid connection and grid use contracts to be concluded with the market parties.

Grid connection customers are obliged to comply with the given minimum requirements. 50Hertz reserves the right to verify compliance with the “Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access”. Grid connection customers are expected to provide all assistance required.

Grid connection customers

The “Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access” apply both to grid connection customers connecting their technical plant to the 50Hertz grid for the first time, and to those who are modifying their already connected plants. Plant modifications are deemed to include any technical change, such as conversions, extensions, partial or full dismantling, modification of the electrical characteristics at the terminals and changes made to the grid connection capacity, the protection concept or neutral point treatment.

The present “Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access” are identical in content with those of our legal predecessor (as at May 2008).
50Hertz reserves the right to modify and/or update the “Terms of Grid Connection and Grid Access” and the present information.


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