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German Ordinance on System Connection of Power Plants (KraftNAV)

In accordance with section 17 of the Energy Industry Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz - EnWG) of 07 July 2005, operators of energy supply systems are obliged to connect customers to their networks at technical and commercial terms that are fair, non-discriminatory and transparent.

Operators of power grids working at a voltage of 110 kV or more (conventional, i.e. coal-fired and CCGT power plants) are obliged to disclose information concerning their grids as stipulated in section 3 subs. 1 of the German Ordinance on Grid Connection of Power Plants (Verordnung zur Regelung des Netzanschlusses von Anlagen zur Erzeugung von elektrischer Energie - Kraftwerks-Netzanschlussverordnung - KraftNAV) of 26 June 2007.


What is the background to KraftNAV?

The German Ordinance on system connection of power plants (KraftNAV) regulates a nationwide standard procedure for connecting new power plants to the existing electricity system. KraftNAV was devised against the background of the phase-out of nuclear energy use (subject to residual electricity production rights being granted) which was enshrined in the law in 2002. KraftNAV has been designed to close a "gap" in electricity supply anticipated for the medium term and regulate the details of non-discriminatory connection to the system. Its purpose was to allow for investments in newbuild power plants to be performed speedily and on the basis of non-discrimination. KraftNAV is applicable to the connection of generation plants with a nominal capacity of 100 megawatts or more to electricity systems at a voltage of at least 110 kilovolts.


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