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Static grid model of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH

50Hertz publishes its static grid model, which contains its parameters of the relevant grid elements and the related topology of the 380-220-kV transmission system. In doing so, 50Hertz provides basic information to market players and creates the needed transparency.

On any given day, the data published on the existing grid contains:

  • relevant 380-kV and 220-kV electrical circuits of the meshed transmission system and
  • relevant 380/220-kV transformers with an interconnection function within the meshed transmission system as well as
  • a topological overview of the 380/220-kV transmission system concerned (single line view with identification of the grid nodes with 380/220-kV transformation or with connections to neighbouring transmission system operators).

To keep things orderly, only those grid elements are published that are used as horizontal transfer points within the meshed 380/220-kV grid. This is why the following grid elements are not published:

  • electrical circuits of spur lines that are not meshes in the 380-kV or 220-kV transmission system and
  • 380/220-kV transformers that only supply a 220-kV grid island or are only connected to the 380-kV grid via third parties.

Lines that connect power plants, pumped storage stations, offshore wind farms and other grid customers to the transmission system are not shown as a rule. However, electrical circuits that are used as tap points for 380-kV or 220-kV nodes with direct connections to onshore wind farms are included in the static grid model.

In principle, the 380-kV or 220-kV grid nodes are operated in coupled mode. In order to avoid short-circuits and ensure stability, individual grid nodes can also be operated in separated mode. This is indicated in the line parameters by the numbering of the start and end points of the electrical circuit, e.g. using the descriptions "from A to B1" or "from A to B2". Grid node A is coupled in this case, whereas grid node B is operated with the separated nodes B1 and B2.

The static grid model is updated at least once at the end of the year or in case of structural changes in the 50Hertz transmission system.

The static grid model as well as the corresponding grid map are available under the download menu. Please send your inquiries about the static grid model to info@50hertz.com.

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Please send your inquiries to:

E-Mail: info@50hertz.com
Static grid model – overview map Overview map. Please click to expand. The file can be downloaded at the lower center.