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Capacity calculation

In accordance with article 5.2 of Annex 1 of Regulation (EC) No 714/2009, transmission system operators (TSOs) are obliged to disclose their general model for the calculation of the interconnection capacity and the reliability margin. The calculation models described below have been approved by the German National Regulatory Authority (Bundesnetzagentur).

Interconnection between Germany (50Hertz) and Denmark (Energinet.dk)

Due to the technical circumstances (controllable active power transfer on the HVDC connection) for the KONTEK connection currently no additional calculation of the available transport capacity is carried out.

The energy required to cover the grid losses on the KONTEK connection is provided on the basis of an existing contract in eastern Denmark, regardless of the direction of the power flow. 50Hertz and EnDK investigate whether changes in the provision of grid losses are economically reasonable. Should this be the case, 50Hertz and EnDK will make appropriate adjustments after consultation with the German and Danish regulatory authorities and after timely prior notice.

As long as the grid losses on the KONTEK connection are compensated in eastern Denmark, 2.5 % (15 MW) of the transmission capacity on the KONTEK connection in north-south direction is required to transfer the energy for the grid losses, i.e. this part of the transmission capacity cannot be made available on the energy trading market.

Under normal operating conditions, the transmission capacity made available to the market is therefore 585 MW in north-south direction and 600 MW in south-north direction.

Due to scheduled works or disturbances in the EnDK and/or 50HzT transmission grid, the available transport capacity in the relevant transmission grid may be restricted. As a result, it is possible that only part of the total transmission capacity of the KONTEK connection is made available on the market.

The model approved by the German regulatory authority to calculate the total transmission capacity on the KONTEK connection can be found under the following link: 

Model to calculate the transmission capacity on KONTEK (in German)

Interconnections between Germany (50Hertz) and Poland (PSE) respectively Czech Republic (ČEPS)

The transmission capacities available for international electricity trading between Germany and Poland respectively between Germany and the Czech Republic are currently determined according to the methodology described under the following link:

Methodology (in German)

The capacities made available to the market in this way for the transmission of electrical energy are determined on the basis of the Net Transfer Capacities (NTC) - Methode (Download als pdf, 227 KB).