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The system operated by a distribution system operator (DSO) usually represents exactly one account-ing area. A DSO accounting area, however, may also comprise several networks of a single DSO (though not of several DSOs) provided they are clearly delimitable from each other. The accounting coordinator, i.e. the transmission system operator (TSO), awards EIC identifiers for the DSO accounting areas to the DSOs, and manages the DSO accounting area structure of a control area to plausibilise the grid accounts. In this case, every TSO acts as an agent of the national EIC award office for its respective control area.

The accounting areas of the 50Hertz control area are published here together with their EIC identifier, the allocated DSOs (ILN/BDEW code no.) and the term of validity, by 50Hertz as accounting coordinator (TSO).

In addition, bdew makes an aggregrated list of all TSOs available:


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