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Grid load in the 50Hertz control area

Application: grid load in the 50Hertz control area
Application: grid load in the 50Hertz control area


To start the animated grid map please click the graphic.

Indications regarding the representation of the grid load: This information is displayed

The map shows the grid of 50Hertz with all lines and connections to other extra high-voltage grids. The grid status is always shown on the hour, but you can also view a snapshot, display changes over a given period of time or download the data posted for a moment in time or period in the form of a CSV file.

The lines between two points represent the circuits of a line that can be selected individually. Two juxtaposed lines represent the parallel circuits of a line. When using the mouse (double click), the zoom function makes it easier to select a circuit of a line. You can directly pick a line via single click or tap (mobile). Mouseover shows additional information about the line. On mobile devices you can use the standard gestures such as pinch-in and pinch-out. Clicking/Tapping on the map-symbol restores the default view.


In order to ease the understanding, the lines have three different colours, depending on the capacity usage: green, orange or red. This classification reflects the capacity usage of the lines in percent and gives information about the condition of the line in case of failure. Failure means that a technical items (for example due to lightning) breaks down and one or more other elements have to additionally take up the transmitted power.

  • Green line (up to 50 percent capacity usage) = no problems in case of failure
  • Orange line (capacity greater than/equal to 50 percent up to less than/equal to 70 percent) = close to the capacity limit in case of failure
  • Red line (capacity usage greater than 70 percent) = at the capacity limit in case of failure

Our lines vary in their potential transmission capacity. Depending on the voltage level (220 or 380 kilovolts) and the number of circuits of a line some are already in the red zone at a certain load, while others are still marked in green for the same amount of power.

If for any reason, no data can be made available for one or more lines (no data available, line taken out of operation, possibility to draw conclusions about the behaviour of a single network customer, etc.) these lines appear in grey.



2017 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)

2016 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)

2015 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)

2014 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)

2013 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)

2012 - Adjustments (Section 11 EnWG and Section 13 EEG)


The data belong to 50Hertz and are directly extracted at the so-called "Transmission Control Center", i.e. the central control point in Neuenhagen near Berlin. They are then quality checked again to ensure maximum usability. To start with, the data are recorded in the database on weekdays and usually show the status of 24 hours earlier. 50Hertz makes the data available as from 01/03/2012.


50Hertz determines and provides all data on this website to the best of its abilities and with no guarantee for their correctness and completeness. Should the data be temporarily unavailable due to technical or other reasons, 50Hertz will make every effort to restore access to the data immediately. No liability will be accepted for any damage resulting from temporary non-availability or incorrectness of data, except in the event of wilful intent.

50Hertz reserves the right to make subsequent changes to the data if this is necessary for correction purposes.


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