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Wind power

Wind power in Germany is leading the way in the field of renewable electricity generation. There are now wind turbines in Germany with an installed capacity of around 49,628 megawatts. 50Hertz already feeds into the grid around 36 percent of the installed wind power capacity in Germany. This also involves balancing the high wind-related fluctuations in power feed-in.

Wind power currently accounts for around eight percent of gross electricity consumption in Germany. In contrast to conventional power plants, however, electricity generated with wind turbines is subject to strong fluctuations. As a consequence, it is seldom that the electrical energy generated with wind corresponds to the respective demand. However, in accordance with the Renewable Energies Act (EEG), the operators of Germany’s power grids are required to take off all electricity fed into the grid by renewables-based generators. In order to balance supply and demand, operators must balance the high wind-related fluctuations.

50Hertz ensures this balance is maintained. This mainly involves balancing wind power, for which the forecast feed-in must be compensated.

The high wind-dependent fluctuations in fed-in power determine the compensation energy requirements and are thus a key cost driver.

Below, you will find a number of important key figures relating to wind energy in the 50Hertz control area.

Control area of 50Hertz: Wind power specifications 2014 - 2017*

Description 2014 2015   2016 2017 
Maximum wind power infeed 11.972 MW 12.832 MW  13.398 MW    14.266 MW
Minimum wind power infeed 0 MW 9 MW   25 MW  5 MW  
Largest quarter-hourly jump in wind power +1.267 MW /
-979 MW
+1.191 MW /
-1.395 MW  
+2.130 MW /
-2.487 MW 
 +1.022 MW /
-702 MW
Largest hourly jump in wind power +2.238 MW /
-2.414 MW
+2.017 MW /
-2.421 MW  
+3.107 MW /
-3.137 MW 
+2.468 MW /
-2.415 MW  
Largest daily jump caused by wind power +8.789 MW
+10.277 MW  +8.382 MW   +10.333 MW
Installed capacity of wind power plants onshore at the end of the year 14.749 MW
15.771 MW   16.793 MW*  17.866 MW*
Installed capacity of wind power plants offshore at the end of the year 48 MW
 336 MW 336 MW  690 MW

* Provisional data, final data will be available in June 2018; Source: EEG-Anlagenstammdaten von 50Hertz.

The forecast figures and extrapolated actuals of wind power feed-in for the 50Hertz control area are available on the following sites:

The EEG systems installed in the 50Hertz control area are publicly available under the item “EEG plant master data”. It contains a list of the facilities that receive funding pursuant to the EEG, grouped by network operators, energy sources (hydro, gas, biomass, geothermal, wind and solar systems), voltage level, German federated state, year of commissioning etc.


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