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Baltic 2


Since September 2015, another offshore wind farm (OWF) has been producing renewable energy in the Baltic Sea: EnBW's Baltic 2 wind farm. 50Hertz transports the power generated at sea to land and integrates it in the transmission system. The 80 wind turbines of the offshore wind farm to the north of Rügen island can generate 1,200 gigawatt hours for approximately 340,000 households each year – saving 900,000 tonnes of CO2 . 

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Technical specifications
Location of the OWF 32 kilometres to the north of Rügen island
Route length (total) approx. 136 km
Cable length off/onshore approx. 120 km / 16 km
Onshore connection point Bentwisch substation near Rostock
Cable operator 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
OWF operator EnBW Baltic 2 GmbH
OWF / cable status Operational
Number of turbines in OWF 80
OWF capacity 288 MW (80 turbines of 3.6 MW each)


Siegfried Wagner

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