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Ostwind 1 cable project on schedule


50Hertz grid connection project Ostwind 1 remains on target. Work continues on the 90-kilometre long offshore section as well as on the 3-kilometre long land route.

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Andalucía in the Baltic Sea


The offshore substation for the Wikinger offshore wind farm has arrived at its future position in the Baltic Sea. Since early last week, the engineers have constructed the three-part structure to the north of Rügen island, near the Adler Ground, as instructed by Iberdrola. The substation platform, which was baptised Andalucía in the Spanish city of Cádiz in early August, is intended for shared use by Iberdrola and 50Hertz.

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More than two kilometres of offshore cable per day


The work on 50Hertz's Ostwind 1 grid connection project is progressing well. After the laying of a 27-km long offshore cable segment by the specialised ship Cable Enterprise in June, the second segment, having a length of some 25 kilometres, is now being laid in the Baltic seabed. "So far, we have managed to lay at least two kilometres of cable per day while attaining the required laying depth of one and a half metres", said Dr Wolfgang Thießen, project leader for cable laying at 50Hertz.

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50Hertz begins laying cable off Rügen island


The first kilometres of the submarine cable that will connect the offshore wind farms Wikinger and Arkona to the grid are being installed. "We are happy that after our extensive and intensive preparations, we were able to start laying the first cable section in coastal waters on 3 June. This is another step forward for our Ostwind 1 project", said Dr Wolfgang Thießen, the project leader responsible for cable laying at 50Hertz.

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50Hertz makes the Baltic Sea a safer place

Explosive ordnance clearance nearly finished for offshore cable project Ostwind 1 / More than 3,500 hazardous points inspected / 442 explosive ordnance objects identified, salvaged and cleared


Lubmin – The clearing of explosive ordnance for offshore cable project Ostwind 1 has reached the finishing straight. "Along the 90-kilometre distance, we assessed a total of over 3,500 hazardous points within a survey corridor of 230 metres in width. So far, 442 explosive ordnance objects have been identified, properly salvaged and removed or detonated on site", said Dr Wolfgang Thießen, project leader for cable laying at 50Hertz. "In doing so, we have made the Baltic Sea a safer place", stated Dr Thießen.

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Start of construction for Ostwind 1 offshore connection

Simultaneous with the successful connection of the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm, 50Hertz's third offshore project was launched today in the presence of Minister-President Erwin Sellering / Complete cable route approved


Berlin – Today, 50Hertz held a starting ceremony for the Ostwind 1 offshore cable construction project. The Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Erwin Sellering, attended the ceremony in the company of 80 other guests active in politics, administration, industry and media. "At over one billion euros, the grid connection of the offshore wind farm in the Westlich Adlergrund Cluster (CWA) is the largest investment of our company to date", commented Boris Schucht, CEO of 50Hertz.

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Offshore cable project Ostwind 1 approved by BSH

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has approved the planning for the sea route within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)


Berlin – In accordance with the Offshore Installations Ordinance, the BSH decided to approve the sea route of 50Hertz's Ostwind 1 offshore cable project within the EEZ. "We are greatly pleased with the permit for this last 20 kilometre section in the EEZ. This means that the entire cable route is now approved," said Uwe Gyßer, Ostwind 1 project leader at 50Hertz. "We can now also press ahead with the project in the EEZ as planned."

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Sea route in territorial waters for offshore cable project Ostwind 1 approved

Minister of Energy Christian Pegel grants 50Hertz planning approval for the sea route in coastal waters / Ostwind 1 construction to start this summer


Berlin – Today, 50Hertz received the planning approval for the sea route in territorial waters for the Ostwind 1 offshore cable project from Christian Pegel, Minister of Energy for the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in person. "We are very pleased that through this decision, the competent approval authority has thus given the approval for the construction and operation of this route section of approximately seventy kilometres", said Dr Lorenz Müller, Head of Offshore Projects at 50Hertz. "Thus another important prerequisite is fulfilled in order to start the building activities this summer as planned."

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Offshore cable project Ostwind 1 heads towards last hurdle for approval

Public hearing held in Rostock under the authority of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency / construction of land line starts in summer 2015


Berlin – 50Hertz has reached another important milestone in the approval procedure for the Ostwind 1 offshore cable project. The public hearing for the submarine cable route in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) for the grid connection of the Westlich Adlergrund cluster (project Ostwind 1) was held today.

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Order placed for submarine cables to transport electricity from the Baltic Sea


Ordered cables are essential for further development of offshore wind power in the German Baltic Sea / Connection of “Westlich Adlergrund” cluster is single largest investment in the history of 50Hertz / 730 million EUR contract is awarded to internationally active company Prysmian

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