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Aerial view of the Jessen/Nord substation Aerial view of the Jessen/Nord substation

Grid connection of the Jessen/Nord substation

In Jessen on the Elster river in the Wittenberg district, 50Hertz and regional distribution system operator MITNETZ STROM built a new substation from 2014 to 2016. The increasing share of electricity generated from renewable energy sources requires the reinforcement of the grid in the Falkenberg-Herzberg-Jessen region. The Jessen/Nord substation is an interface between the 380 kV transmission system and the 110 kV distribution system. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of both the existing extra high voltage transmission lines between Ragow and Förderstedt and Ragow and Lauchstädt.

The connection of the existing line from Ragow to Lauchstädt (near Halle) was established in 2015/2016 in the form of conventional steel lattice towers. For the two-kilometre long power link of the line between Ragow and Förderstedt (near Magdeburg), 50Hertz is using the new compactLine pilot line. The compactLine was developed as a tower type with a compact structure, which owing to its lower height (approx. 36 metres) and more narrow corridor (approx. 55-60 metres) can offer a technical alternative, especially for the replacement of existing 220 kV overhead lines. The pilot project near Jessen offers good conditions for the first practical test as an additional connection to the substation.

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