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Information meeting on ongoing regional planning procedure


Almost 50 interested parties attended the information meeting on the construction project for the third interconnector on 24 January 2013, following an invitation by the Joint Berlin-Brandenburg Planning Department and the city of Eisenhüttenstadt. Brigitte Kubica of the competent department (Referat GL 5) of the Joint Berlin-Brandenburg Planning Department, first presented the legal background of the ongoing procedure. Until 14 February 2013, the documents were available for consultation at the offices of Eisenhüttenstadt, Schlaubetal and Brieskow-Finkenheerd, as well as the district of Oder-Spree.

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European connection: 380 kV overhead line - third interconnector

This overhead line of European significance, a transition between the German and Polish transmission systems, is being constructed between Eisenhüttenstadt in Germany and Plewiska in Poland. Polish TSO PSE-O and German TSO 50Hertz are working together as partners to ensure the success of this project. For the joint project, a general agreement was signed in Warschau in 2011.

In the future, a 380 kV overhead line will connect the substations of Eisenhüttenstadt and Plewiska. To realise this project, a two-circuit overhead line with a maximum length of ten kilometres will be constructed in the German border area. Additionally, the existing overhead line between the substation of Eisenhüttenstadt and the substations Preilack and Neuenhagen need to be reinforced. This means conversion works and a partial new line route over a length of approximately seven kilometres.

The construction of the third interconnector between Eisenhüttenstadt and Plewiska is a European priority project pursuant to Annex I no. EL 8 and Annex II no. 2 of EU Decision 1364/2006 and the German Power Grid Expansion Act (EnLAG) of 2009.

In a supplementary note to the 10-year grid development plan of ENTSO-E, the Polish transmission system operator informed about its revised network development priorities. Accordingly, the 3rd interconnector is expected to be commissioned from 2030.

3. Interconnector Polish TSO PSE-O and German TSO 50Hertz are working together as partners to ensure the success of this european project.

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