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Grid losses

Background information

Energy losses naturally occur during the transmission of electricity. They occur as current heat losses in conductors, transformers and other system elements, as well as in the form of leak and corona losses.

Legal background

The Energy Industry Act (§§ 11 and following) and the Electricity Network Access Ordinance (StromNZV § 10) oblige the operators of the energy supply grids to procure the energy to cover grid losses according to a market-oriented, transparent and discrimination-free procedure and to create a separate balancing group for this energy.

Furthermore, § 17 (1) no. 3 and no. 7 of the StromNZV as well as § 10 of the Electricity Network Charges Ordinance (StromNEV) oblige the system operators to publish information on the average losses per grid and transformer level as well as the average procurement expenditure. 50Hertz complies with the disclosure obligation on this website.


In 2017, the grid losses amounted to 2.41 TWh. They were purchased at an average cost of 2.6 ct/kWh. The average grid losses of the high voltage transmission level amounted to 232 MW, those of the transformer level to 43.5 MW.

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Grid losses

Historical data can be found in the archive.