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Interruptible loads

Background information

With the amendment of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) of 20 December 2012, the legislator created the possibility to also contractually oblige interruptible load suppliers to take the necessary measures to maintain grid and system security. In this respect, §13(4a) and (4b) of the EnWG establish the legal groundwork for further specification of requirements, compensation and cost regulations in connection with the interruptible loads. These are specified in further detail in the Ordinance on Interruptible Load Agreements (AbLaV), which also lists the criteria for their technically and economically viable application.

For the purpose of the Ordinance, interruptible loads are defined as large consumption units which are connected to the (extra) high voltage grid, nearly continuously consume a large volume of electricity and which can, upon request, reduce their demand on short notice and for a fixed minimum duration thanks to the nature of their production process.

Pursuant to the AbLaV, the German transmission system operators will monthly call for a total breaking capacity of 3,000 megawatts. Each bidder with an interruptible load that meets the technical requirements stipulated in §§5 to 7 (incl.) of the AbLaV is entitled to participate in the tendering procedure. Proof that these requirements are indeed fulfilled, shall be given in a prequalification procedure.


In accordance with the underlying AbLaV, the transmission system operator responsible for the connection enters into nationally uniform framework agreements with the interruptible load suppliers within its control area. The suppliers have to prove that the consumption units meet the transmission system operator's prequalification requirements as per the AbLaV in a nationally uniform prequalification procedure.

You can find all documents pertaining to the prequalification here:

Framework agreement

In order to make the contractual arrangements as stipulated in the Ordinance on Interruptible Load Agreements (AbLaV), a model framework agreement was developed for all of Germany to regulate the contractual relationship between the connecting transmission system operator and the potential supplier of an interruptible load. Based on this agreement, future interruptible load suppliers can be involved in measures to maintain the grid and system security in operational grid management within the meaning of the AbLaV.

By concluding the framework agreement, the technical, legal, organisational, operational and commercial framework conditions between the supplier and the transmission system operator are determined for the use of the interruptible loads. These framework agreements explicitly regulate the tendering and assignment procedure, the provision and performance obligations, the qualities and activation options of the interruptible loads as well as their reimbursement. An important prerequisite for the conclusion of a framework agreement between a supplier and a connecting transmission system operator is a successfully concluded prequalification procedure for that particular interruptible load. The documentation of a successful prequalification procedure is part of the valid framework agreement. The concluded framework agreement entitles a supplier to participate in the monthly call for tenders for interruptible loads.

You can find all documents pertaining to the framework agreement here:

If you want to apply for prequalification, please send an e-mail to one of our contacts, who will contact you shortly after. Forms and annexes to the prequalification documents as well as information regarding the IT connection concept for the responsible TSO are summarised and published here. Participation in the tendering procedure is only possible in the scope of a framework agreement.


Energy Procurement

E-Mail: pq-regelleistung@50hertz.com

Tendering procedure

The tendering procedure for interruptible loads takes place at www.regelleistung.net.

Expansion of the contract and PQ documents for interruptible loads

Further development of framework conditions for interruptible loads and adjustments of IT requirements for load management server

In view of previous experiences with supplier prequalifications, the transmission system operators further developed the framework conditions for interruptible loads. Furthermore, the TSOs made adjustments to the IT requirements for suppliers now that the load management server is operational.

Details on the further developments can be downloaded as a PDF document (German, 61.8 KB).