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Peak load time window

The main requirement for individual network use charges according to Section (2) sentence 1 of the StromNEV is that the peak load contribution of an end consumer is predictable and deviates significantly from the annual peak load in the relevant network level. The peak load time windows represent the expected periods of annual peak load for the relevant year on the extra high voltage level and on the voltage level of 50Hertz. Final consumers, whose annual peak load deviates significantly from the 1/4-h-power level measured in the peak load time window, thus fulfil the main prerequisite for individual network use charges according to Section 19 (2) sentence 1 of the StromNEV.

According to the BNetzA model, only working days (Monday - Friday) are considered as "peak-load times". Weekends, holidays and bridge days as well as the time between Christmas and New Year are considered as power off time.

Spring: 1. March– 31. May
Summer: 1. June – 31. August
Autumn: 1. September – 30. November
Winter: 1. December – 28. February (leap year = 29. February)

Peak load time windows are adapted yearly.


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